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This regional Public Sector Network, wholly owned and governed by the 33 London Boroughs, joins together these boroughs through a secure private infrastructure to allow interworking and sharing the delivery of local government functions. With its managed aggregation points to Health (HSCN) and Central Government (PSN) it provides a complete infrastructure for shared service delivery.

Since 2006, LondonPSN has been the means by which London councils have achieved secure connections to Government Connect Secure eXtranet (GCSx), providing aggregated connectivity to central government services such as those offered by the DWP, the secure Health Network (N3) and secure peer to peer connectivity. LondonPSN has supported councils in achieving the necessary standards, codes of connection and compliance.

LondonPSN has also been the means by which councils have developed shared services such as VoIP and Anti-fraud applications together with shared access to external services including the One Oracle ERP system and the Open Galaxy library management system. In all of these contexts LondonPSN as a single, integrated, secure regional network infrastructure has been the means of providing substantial savings compared to the cost of each council making point-to-point connections.

The strategy councils have used to provide the existing LondonPSN regional infrastructure has resulted in total costs which are a fraction of any alternative strategy which would have involved creating a huge network from scratch. The approach was to take advantage of the regional core already provided and funded by the investment in broadband infrastructure for London’s schools which already extended into every borough – the London Grid for Learning – procured and managed by the LGfL Trust.

Innovation - LondonPSN Firsts

  • The first region in the country to establish an aggregated gateway with Health (N3).
  • The first region in the country to migrate all its local authorities across to the PSN.